ojobox: the curious lens of memory

To remember this is like looking backwards
through a telescope
trumping the rules of depth of field.

30 November 2013

the bones are anchored deep

down down north the seven gulls flying low hold fast to the tracks of the last one
down down south the fathoms break on widow's walks where treasures sleep
down down east the swallowed trail a breach of edgeless moats drowns the sun
down down west through green dissolving canopies the bones are anchored deep  

08 November 2013


from The Book of Horns

wind stamp across the centuries' horizon
treading a wrack line of antler's roots and bloodstone
into another season
they put down the scythe and pick up the arrow
and the battlesong scatters the birds

19 October 2013

14 October 2013

ombra, pietra

Sicily is the name of the color of centuries-old shadows and stones.

02 October 2013

mappa mundi

an empire of exiled gods & shipwrecked heroes
 where there are more statues than trees
and the African sun burns away the shadows of a Mediterranean moon